And You Thought You’d Heard It All !!
by “Big Al” Penar

Hello, fellow sports! Don has kindly allowed me to make my attempts to entertain you by
publishing chapters of my current book nearing completion. Each chapter recounts a
true incident experienced by someone in the outdoors that definitely falls into the
category of unusual, odd and definitely not commonplace. Some of these stories may
be humorous and some may bring one of those familiar achy ‘twinges’ to the knees, but
I think you will find them interesting. So, read on, and join me for each new entry.

Here's June 2005's Entry:

I call this one “Double Vision” - sent to me by Frank S. of Palo, MI

It was late on the third day of the deer season. The weather was almost balmy and the efforts of three hard-hunting days in the field and two nights at the evening table (not to forget the night before opening day) with the rest of our jolly group prompted me to find a nice quiet spot to sit. At the north edge of my farm there is a 96 acre parcel that is 75% swamp of the meanest kind. No one who has not walked it during the exceedingly dry weather and knows the bottom contours even attempts to walk it when the water is up to normal levels. At the east end there are a few high ridges that finger down to the swamp from a rolling grain field. The ridges are covered with old and scrub oak and between them and the field runs a dilapidated ‘page wire’ fence and a single gate opening at the highest point. Some past owners had moved some huge fieldstones against the gateposts to keep them from falling over. I figured a nice grassy spot against a gatepost should do nicely, especially since those boulders would help hide me and provide natural armrests.

The deer would have to enter or exit within about 40 yards to either side where the fence sagged almost to the ground and the view was open for anything crossing the corn in front of me. So, I sat down, leaned back and waited. The light was starting to fade quickly and it was still just light enough to sit tight for a little while more. It was too comfortable and I was half dozing off when I heard the oak leaves and dry grass rustling behind me. I turned to follow the sound and spotted a deer bounding my way at an angle to my right. It materialized as a buck with a heck of a rack sticking up. I took my aim as he jumped the fence and fired as his front feet hit the ground. The deer rolled and appeared to stay flat on the ground, but it also kept going…out into the cornfield and over a rise where he disappeared.





It was like one of those surrealistic mental pictures where your mind shows the duck you are pulling the trigger on plummeting from the sky, butafter the shot shakes you back to reality, you look only to watch it high-tailing it away across the cattails. How could that happen? I looked back at the ground to be sure I wasn’t hallucinating about dropping the deer. I wasn’t. Walking the 17 paces I looked down to find a small spike…dead as a doornail. He had evidently been running step for step with the big boy and was between it and me. With the light now almost completely gone, I didn’t see him at all. The bigger buck had at least ten easily seen points on a massive and wide rack and probably weighed well over 175 pounds. “Junior” here had spikes that measured a “big deal” 6-1/4” and 8-3/8”. He dressed out at less than a 100 whopping pounds.

I never saw that big buck again and received no reports of his demise from the neighbors either. I sometimes wonder if he was real or were my bloodshot eyes deceiving me? Please tell me…how much Pabst ‘Blue ribbon’ and ‘Canadian Club’ is too much…does anyone know????

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