Bit By The "Diamondback Bug" !!!
by Don McChristian Jr.

I have been bit by the "Diamondback Bug" or in other words "Sturgeon Fishing"

My friend Mike introduced me to these creatures last month when he did a TV show segment for
MUCC, Michigan Out of Doors. He called me and asked me to bring my boat and 1 person to add
more boats for the Filming Crew. Well that night did it. I was bit! I now look like a zombie with a
permant grin from working 3-11pm then Fishing for these guys from 12am to 7am every night...

We rig up wih stiff rods, 30 lb test mainline and 25lb test leaders, a 12 oz weight on a sinker slide,
and an 8/0 hook filled with Crawlers and Shiners then Anchor the boat and put 2 rods out the side
and 2 out the back and let them sit on the bottom and wait.

The bite is simlar to a perch bite..."tap...tap...tap..." and you grab the rod and set the hook! A few
seconds later the beast flies out of the water and goes airborne! Then it's Straight back to the
bottom. You grasp the rod and slowly lift up to gain line and the drag starts to scream. Then it
finally slows down and you pump and gain line only for the fish to see your boat light and lantern
and dive back deep! Finally after repeating this 3-5 times the fish tires.

You float it along side the boat where your gloved partner awaits. He slowly reaches his hand
towards the beast's tail...and quickly grabs tight and HANGS ON! The fish thrushes 3 or 4 times
and realizes it done. a Hefty lift and grab with the other hand brings the fish in for a pic and then
the beautiful release!

The end result is Pre-Historic Beast like below. They don't reach sexual maturity until 20 some
years of age and only spawn every 9 years for females and about every 6 years from males. So
over-harvesting can run the fishery. Here in Michigan the bag limit is 1 per year between 42 and
50 inches ( that's 106.68cm to 127cm ) and you must posses a Sturgeon Tag to target these fish.
Here are some photo's from the last month starting with our biggest ( 60 inches and 152.4 cm )
on down to a Juvnile 18 1/2 incher ( 46.99 cm ). Don't get bit....It's a BLAST!!!

My 60 incher! (152.4 cm )













Steve's and my 53 incher! ( 134.62 cm)







Al and his 51 1/2 incher (130.81 cm)










Me with my friend Al's 48 incher I tailed like a pro! ( 121.92 cm )










Steve again with his 38 incher! ( 96.52 cm )









Al and his 1st Sturgeon ever!










Steve with his 1st ever!








This was my 1st Landed Ever!









Lauren's 1st FISH ever!






and Finally a little baby 18.5 incher ( 46.99 cm )














If your are ever on the St. Clair River, North Channel in Michigan, look me up. My boat name is

"In The Zone" and I'll be close by...