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 Bono, OH/Oregon, OH Fishing Report 5/5 
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Today I had a somewhat interesting morning as far as fishing goes. I left my apartment about 6:45AM with the intentions of going to Turtle Creek, a spot along the creek that's roughly a 20 minute drive east of Maumee Bay State Park or a half hour east of Toledo. As I travel along Route 2 and pass Maumee Bay State Park I notice a sign saying that the road seven miles ahead was closed, but I thought I saw local traffic was allowed through.
Thinking I could get on through I kept driving only to be disappointed that I couldn't once I crossed into Ottawa County. So I turned around and drove a couple miles to a spot that would end up being Plan B-Metzger's Marsh in the small town of Bono, OH. Once I got to where the boat channel meets the pier I see basically the same elements that I had to deal with when I was fishing in Luna Pier, MI on Friday morning. The only difference is that where Luna Pier's pier curves causing the water on one side of the pier to be calm and the other side to be choppy, at Metzger's the pier is long and straight, very little if any curve so both sides of the pier had choppy water. I'd say the waves were 2-4 feet easy.
At the parking lot the boat channel is still relatively calm compared to the lake that surrounds the pier, I got to talking to an older woman that had been there fishing since 6:30AM. She was using nightcrawlers, one pole cast in the middle of the channel and one along the edge where I could see she had a couple taps but hadn't caught anything.
On my way to where I was originally planning on going, I bought nightcrawlers, waxworms, and minnows. I eventually got my lines cast in about 7:30AM. I decided I would try something similar and something different then what the lady was trying. I cast with my medium action rod on the bottom with a minnow, and along the edge of the parking lot I went with a waxworm on my ultra light set up. A fella pulled in with his grandson not long after I threw my lines in tried a couple different things while I was there. First they tried bobbers with a worm lure, and they also tried bobbers using minnows.
About 8:30AM or so the grandfather caught what he originally identified as a perch. Once I got to seeing what he caught and what he was using at that moment, I told him it was a smallmouth bass. I couldn't believe I had to correct him, but that's neither here nor there. It measured out at 11" and hit on a minnow under a bobber close to the edge of the pier.
After a little while I decided that since I wasn't having much luck with either of my set ups I would bring in my ultra light with a waxworm and try a minnow under a bobber. Soon there after the grandson (with a big ol' grin) caught a decent sized sunfish, a little smaller then hand sized. He caught that on a minnow with very light weight, I'm guessing a 1/4 ounce sinker at the biggest.
I don't want to come off as the impatient type, if anything I'm the polar opposite and those that have read my fishing reports can vouch for me there, but the weather conditions were kind of getting to me along with the lack of bites. The East winds we've had this last week or so had made the water VERY murky, the winds alone were making the water choppy which was making the water even murkier then it would be under normal East winds. It was partly sunny and kind of on the chilly side, so I decided that since it was along the way home I would give Maumee Bay State Park a try. So I left Metzger's Marsh skunked at about 10:15AM and after getting gas and a quick snack (Little Debbie treats LOL) I made it to an extension inside of Maumee Bay State Park. What I mean is, the majority of the water in the park is connected one way or another to Lake Erie, but this part I fished more pond-like then where I normally fish in the park. I normally fish one of the piers there, but I went to a spot where there's some cattails and some weeds.
I cast my lines out about 10:45AM. I used my medium action and my bobber setups, both with minnows. Less then 10 minutes after my first cast of the medium action I got some bites and my first (and only) catch of the day-a small channel catfish. I didn't measure it but I'd say around 5". Don't ask me why but I was surprised with the catch. I had fished this stretch of the park before, but had only caught small bluegills or small bass. Soon after that a guy fishing with his kids caught a decent sized bullhead, probably in the 10-12" range that he released.
About 12:15PM I decided to call it a day. I did get a couple bites after I caught the catfish but not enough to warrant me staying. Compared to Metzger's, the water was a lot calmer. Like I said, the spot in the park is more pond-like even though it is connected to the bigger lagoons in the park, which in turn is connected to Lake Erie.
So, as I was leaving I had a couple things cross my mind. The second half of last year but not yet this year (haven't had the opportunity yet) I tried using cut bluegills as bait. Knowing that I've caught smaller bluegills at the spot in Maumee Bay State Park I was at today compared to the piers I've fished in the park before I might give this spot a try early and hope to get a couple of small bluegills in the basket before moving to the piers. When I say small I'm talking maybe the size of one of your fingers if not smaller. Thing is, I've caught quite a few good sized bluegills and I've seen a couple nice sized largemouths at the park, I've never encountered what I called a hell of a fish. I've heard they're in there-after all it is part of Lake Erie, but maybe I just haven't fished the place enough to find them. For example, I've never caught a five pound catfish there, or a 20" largemouth, or a 3' northern, etc. Main reason I got to thinking this is because the small minnow caught a small catfish today, maybe if I scale it up with a bluegill maybe the higher end of the food chain can be scaled up more. Am I making sense or just rambling? LOL

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